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"Learn from the past to prevent the future."

Rick is an underpayed servant of a lord in a forest village. He is pretty sarcastic and a bit of a hot head, but he considers himself as someone who's just trying to survive the day. One morning, his Lord gave him a special task, forcing him to travel to Iter, city of the Hero's Guild.

But something does not go as planned...

Learn about the past...

Unnamed Past is a game made for new RPG fans, but also for experienced players who just want to have a funny game to spend some time to.

  • Four different main character!
  • Menacing and funny enemies to fight!
  • A mistery to unsolve!
  • Spice up your stats with some special food!
  • Bond together in special events!
  • Lots of secondary quests!

... and decide your future!

Unnamed Past is actually in his development state. The game that you're about to play is a prototype, so be careful and save a lot. This "demo" will decide the future of this project.

Make you hear your voice!

For each player it will be given a form to write AFTER completing the game. At the moment, the prototype is available in Italian and in English.

Italian form

English form


Unnamed Past [ITA].exe 221 MB
Unnamed Past [ENG].exe 221 MB

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